Saturday, May 27, 2006


I, as the Broadway afficianado, had to be the first to post that. I will let my colleagues on today's call, Dan and Ray, actually recap the afternoon, though.

I just wanted to express my thoughts briefly. Following the 1-0 defeat on Friday, four things gave me confidence in a Saturday sweep.
1) Freshman in the circle
2) A lot of plate patience by the Wildcats
3) Solid contact against Balschmiter
4) Canney and Foster

Experience always wins out. Balschmiter's a wonderful pitcher, but you can not send a rookie out 3 straight games to pitch the most important games of her career. Pressure and fatigue got to her.

For the rest of my analysis on those other three points, tune into the Sportsvoice tomorrow night, when Carl Deffenbaugh and I will break down the weekend's results (a World Series berth, and dare I say, a quite possible second national champion).

Modern Technology

Louis and I are currently listening to the softball webstream (blogging) from the Apple Store in Cambridge, Mass. Thank you modern technology and go 'Cats! Amegin just walked with the bases loaded to tie the game.


One Heck of a Season

ANN ARBOR-For Northwestern baseball, the 2006 season is one Wildcat fans will remember for a long time.

The 'Cats came out of no where and shocked the Big Ten baseball scene by finishing second in the regular season and falling just two games short of hosting the tournament. Their 21-11 record was the most successful season to date under Paul Stevens. They were road warriors as they took three series on the road against Michigan, Iowa and Illinois. They received numerous post season accolades including Pitcher of the Year (Dan Brauer) Coach of the Year (Paul Stevens), 3 1st team All-Big Ten selections (Pat McMahon, Dan Brauer, Antonio Mule), one 2nd team selection (Caleb Fields) and two third team selections (Geoff Dietz and Julio Siberio).

Wow...just wow...

And the most spectacular thing about all of that...Northwestern came into Big Ten play losers of 12 straight games. But, as Paul Stevens told me all week, this was one of the most resiliant teams he had ever coached here at NU.

Congratulations Northwestern baseball for giving the school and your fans one heck of a ride and one heck of season to is to much more success in the coming years. I see no reason why this cannot return to the tournament next year and the years to follow...


Last Day in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR-I am writing this at 2:55 am Evanston time Saturday has been one of the longest days of my life and one of the best at the same is surely a day I will remember for a long time.

I got up this morning at 9:30 ET and started to get ready for the day...I ate breakfast with Tim Stoddard, NU's Pitching Coach and Ron Klein, NU's First Base Coach. They told me that this was going to be a long day because of all the rain that had fallen and boy were they right. We got to the stadium at 11:15 ET and watched the end of the Minnesota-Michigan game (Gophers won 6-2) and didn't leave until 7:30 ET...yikes...

After chatting it up with Coach Stevens, Julio Siberio (who is part Cuban...which is awesome...) Chris Boyer of the AD and Aaron Bongle, the 'Cats took the field. I don't know what it was, but something was telling me that the game against Purdue would not be the last for the NU team. The game got underway and Kontos recorded the last out around 4:30 ET. It was a great feeling to see the 'Cats pull out the win.

The next game wasn't so enjoyable, but it was special for me as well. It was the last time I would be on the air as a play by play man as this is my final year here at Northwestern. It has been a great four years and WNUR has given me memories that I will never forget. I would like to thank the station for giving me so many opportunities, my parents and grandparents for listening to almost everygame I ever broadcasted and my fellow staff members. You guys are just awesome.

The team bus left Ann Arbor at 9:30 pm ET and we arrived back in Evanston at 3 am ET. It was a great trip and a great day. It was an honor to cover the team out in Ann Arbor and I wish them the best of luck next year and the years to come.


And it has come to an end...

ANN ARBOR-The Northwestern baseball season came to end this afternoon with a loss to the Michigan Wolverines 8-3.

Northwestern played their first game of the day against Purdue. They played an almost flawless game and got the job done against a Boilermaker team which had their backs to the wall as well. George Kontos delivered a solid complete game outing making the right picthes when he needed and the 'Cats slammed the Boilers 8-4. Antonio Mule, Caleb Fields and Dan Brauer combined to go 8-13 with six runs scored and 4 RBI. Mule hit his 10th long ball.

However, the second game would not go the way the 'Cats fact, it looked like the 'Cats might have run out of gas against the number one seeded Wolverines. Northwestern had to take the field immediately after thier game against Purdue while Michigan had a while to rest after they lost to Minnesota in the morning. And while Paul Stevens in now way would make any excuses for a loss, it seemed to me that the 'Cats were a little sluggish in game 2.

Northwestern started off well with a solo homerun by Mule his 11th...but the game quickly turned in favor of Michigan as they put four in the inning and never looked back.

Be sure to check the blog to get my take on the final day in Ann Arbor and what I think of this team and what they did this year.

***Was supposed to be posted Friday afternoon, however my internet was down...***

Friday, May 26, 2006

Post Game Press Conference Audio

Duke first...Click Here.

Some notes on the audio:
1) Its a little unclear at key moments, unfortunately, but when Coach Kerstin Kimel is discussing the sweatbands her team wore, she does indeed get very emotional. There was clearly a deep connection between the men's and women's squads at Duke.
2) The players don't talk a lot on this recording, since most of the questions regard the sweatbands and are directed toward Kimel, but the three who spoke are Katie Chrest, Megan Huether, and Leigh Jester. Chrest had 3 goals in the losing effort, and Jester tallied 4 points, with a goal and three assists. Huether made four saves, including a key one to send it to overtime.

Now Northwestern, the jubilation and the pride in the voice of Coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller, and the sheer exhausted excitement of Laura Glassanos, Morgan Lathrop and Kristen Kjellman. Click here.

Check back for a full report tomorrow, after Howard and I get our wits back about us, and shake off the hangovers from the victory celebration!

Here We Go Again!!!

Northwestern is back in the National Championship game! After one of the hardest played, most exciting women's lacrosse tournament games in the 25 year history of the event, NU emerged victorious 11-10. I'm exhausted. On the play by play for one of the most exciting NU sporting events in recent memory, I feel immensely blessed. I also feel relieved. After this game went to OT, I knew Howard Tilman was waiting, hoping for an NU victory so he could have the play by play for this Sunday's title game. He (and I) got his wish. Simply a remarkable evening. And its only half over, believe it or not, since Notre Dame and Dartmouth have just gotten underway to decide who plays NU in the National Championship game.

Howard was at the post-game press conference, listening in on the thoughts of the Duke players on their heartbreaking loss and the jubilation of the 'Cats after this huge win. Its great stuff. Check back in a few minutes for another post with links to all that great audio.

Cheers, and GO 'Cats!

Game Delayed Due to Lightning. Stay Tuned.

It's raining cats and dogs here in Boston, and lightning overhead has delayed the start time by more than an hour. The Field Turf surface is all ready to go, being water resistant, but the teams can't begin their warmups as long as there's lightning overhead. Start time is now scheduled for 6:25 CT. Right now on WNUR 89.3FM NU's baseball team takes on Michigan in Ann Arbor in the second round of the Big Ten Tournament. Tune in, and Dan Gotera will keep you up to date on the Lacrosse start time and all the other goings on on WNUR Sports this weekend.

So stay tuned, and sometime tonight we should be live on WNUR 89.3FM with the Lacrosse National Semifinal. Plus, keep checking back for audio, photo, and old-fashioned text blogs from Nickerson Field and environs, plus updates from the Big Ten Baseball tourney in Ann Arbor and the Softball super regional back in sunny Evanston.

More Schedule Updates

Right now....Northwestern Softball vs. UMass "On Air" (See below for details on how to listen)
Coming up at 4 PM...Northwestern Baseball vs. Michigan "Internet Only"
Coming up at 5 PM...Northwestern Lacrosse vs. Duke "On Air"

That is all....

Keep reading for more updates from the WNUR Studios

Friday's Broadcast Schedule...Focus

Northwestern's game in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament against Purdue will begin shortly on WNUR 89.3 FM as well as, so might as well set you up for today's schedule (All Times Central. Also, just to clarify our two means of broadcasting.

"On Air" can be received from 89.3 FM here in Chicagoland as well as on our website at with the "Listen to Regular Broadcasts" Link

"Internet Only" can be received from our website by clicking on the "Internet Only Broadcasts" Link

1 PM-Northwestern Baseball vs. Purdue (On Air).
3 PM-Northwestern Softball vs. UMass (On Air) and Baseball moves to (Internet Only)
5 PM-Northwestern Lacrosse vs. Duke (On Air) and the conclusion of Softball may move to (Internet Only)
Should Baseball win vs. Purdue, the Northwestern Baseball vs. Michigan will be approx. 3:45 on that will be (Internet Only). That will be on the internet until Lacrosse starts at 5 and if softball still going on, baseball returns to (Internet Only) upon the conclusion of Softball vs. UMass.

Also, other (On Air) web links for other media devices:
Real Audio
Window Media
Mp3 Stream

A Coincidence???

BOSTON - As Louis and I are relaxing around the hotel getting set to depart for Nickerson Field in just under two hours we are keeping ourselves busy watch ESPN Classic. Currently airing is a repeat showing of the now defunct "2 Minute Drill." (Stump the Schwab was just on and Nick took down the Schwab on two tiebreaker questions... Wow!) This is the semi-final matchup of the second season of 2 Minute Drill and there is an interesting seed breakdown. The competition is between last year's defending champion who is the four seed and this year's overall number one seed.

Sound familiar to anyone? Northwestern, the defending champion and four seed against Duke, this season's number one season...

That's just a little bit odd if you ask me. For what it's worth, the defending champion is winning by five at the half.

We're on the air in four hours and counting.

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

ANN ARBOR-"Raindrops keep falling on my head but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red. Crying's not for me cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining. Because I'm free. Nothing's worrying me."

Well, today might be a very long day, well at least I hope its a very long day. That rain started last night and didn't stop. The Northwestern-Purdue game is scheduled for 12 CT, however that time might change once more.

I wont know what the condition of the field is until i get out there, but make sure to tune into WNUR for the exact start time, we will have an update for you at the original start time of 12 CT. If I had to guess, the latest we would start is 1 CT, but no one knows what that crazy Mother Nature will do.

Baseball is a beautiful game, unfortunately, you can't play it in the rain...GO 'CATS!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The 25th Anniversary Celebration, plus bonus audio!

BOSTON - The Final Four weekend officially kicked off tonight (at least in the eyes of the NCAA, Howard and I kicked it off last night at Game On) with the 25th Anniversary celebration of Women's Championships in the NCAA. They honored the 25th Anniversary team, which included Northwestern head coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller. Howard snapped some photos of the evening, held inside Agannis Arena, home of the Boston University Terrier hockey teams. Check them out by clicking here.

We also had a chance to chat with former NU coach (during womens' lacrosses' first incarnation at NU) and 25th Anniversary team head coach Cindy Timchal about her feelings for the weekend. Three of the four head coaches involved in this weekend played under coach Timchal at Maryland, where Timchal has won 8 national titles.

Take a listen here, but here's a hint... She's pulling for NU.

Two of Northwestern's stars took a little time away from signing autographs for local youth lacrosse players and their parents to chat with Howard and I. Senior Laura Glassanos reflected on coming home to Boston for the Final Four and about the festivities of the night, which included a rendition of Hollaback Girl, rewritten as L-A-X Girl. "My stick, oh my stick... N-C-A-A-L-A-X!" Sorry, no audio from that performance. Here's the interview with Glassanos.

But my favorite moment of the evening was chatting with freshman Hilary Bowen. Bowen is new to this whole NCAA tournament thing, unlike most of the Wildcats, who did it with applomb last year in Annapolis, MD. But the real treat was hearing Bowen describe the Wildcat's rivalry with Duke, who somehow managed to supply the 'Cats with more motivation tonight. Bad idea. Listen to Bowen here.

Keep checking back for more audio-visual updates.

Blast from the Past

ANN ARBOR-Hey Wildcat Baseball fans...Hey what? I am glad you asked...

Does the name Robert K. Rauth ring any bells? If it doesn't, then aren't you glad I'm gonna tell you. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rauth before the NU-OSU game this afternoon. He was a member of the Northwestern Wildcat baseball team back from 1956-1959. In his freshman year season, 1957, Northwestern won the Big Ten was the last time NU won a title in baseball, yep back when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president.

I chatted with him for a good 20-25 minutes and I must say, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Boy does he love Wildcat sports. Not just baseball, but all sports. We talked about the softball team, the lacrosse team, the football team and everything in between. The Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox also came into the conversation, but we all know who's going to win that race...

After we talked for a while, Head Coach Paul Stevens (one of the greatest interviews at NU...great guy...) came over and talked with us about playing golf at his annual golf tournament. Apparently Coach Stevens is not just a solid baseball coach, he is an avid golfer.

Because I was so impressed with the dedication that Mr. Rauth shows to NU Athletics, I invited him to join me up in the booth tomorrow afternoon. I am sure he will tell the stories he told me and more tomorrow on WNUR. Be sure to tune in!!


Guess who's Back???

Yes, it's true the doctor of digestion has returned to the WNUR Sports Blog. Though thanks to a lack of popular demand, I will keep "most" of my digestive information to a minimum. On a much better note, WNUR Sports is in the midst of what has been called the "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" Weekend as well as the "3 Places, 2 Timezones, 1 Weekend" well, Weekend.

In 2005, I thought executing the 2005 Lacrosse Final Four and Softball Regionals was impressive. Now in 2006, we have turned Regionals into Super Regionals and added a Big Ten Baseball Tournament to the mix. None of this would be possible without well...ME! Just kidding. A lot of people were and will be involved with pulling off what could be the most successful weekend in the history of WNUR Sports. From the guys in Boston, the guy in Ann Arbor and the WNUR staff who are working here in Evanston, I congratulate and thank them. These are the type of events that put WNUR Sports ahead of any sports outlet on this campus.

Reminder that tomorrow we have the first ever WNUR Sports Tripleheader (cue the NBA on NBC music in the background). Starting at 11:45am, Dan Gotera has the call of Northwestern's Big Ten Tournament game against Purdue. If NU wins, they play again right after and that game will be on At 3pm, the optimistic Alex Freedman and Ryan "BOBO" Morton will have Game 1 of NU's Super Regional series against Massachusetts and the day will be capped at 5pm when Louis Wertz and Howard Tilman bring you every second of NU's Lacrosse National Semifinal against Duke. Make sure you clear your schedule from 12pm through 7pm for a full dose of WNUR Sports.

(Hello Subway, Part II)

Rough Start...'Cats lose 9-0 to OSU (Game Recap)

ANN ARBOR-Well, it was a rough day to say the least today for the Northwestern baseball team, getting smacked around by Ohio State, losing 9-0 in the first game of the Big Ten Tournament. If you really think about it, there was nothing good about today's game, which is really surprising.

Dan Brauer was on the hill for NU and from the first at bat, one could tell, this might be a rough afternoon. A lead-off walk followed up by an error by the catcher Geoff Dietz started the one run, no hit first inning. Ohio State then added 2 in the third and 1 in the fifth. Brauer finished the day with 8 innings pitched allowing 6 runs on 10 hits. It was the second start of his career where he didn't strike out anyone. In the ninth the Northwestern bullpen walked two guys and allowed a three run homerun to Jedidiah Stevens.

Offensively, the 'Cats were silenced by the brilliant pitching performance of Ohio State's Cody Luebke. NU could never get anything going and when they had an opportunity, baserunning miscues ended any chance of a comeback. The NU defense was also shaky committing 3 errors.

Here is the Box Score

Tomorrow the 'Cats play Purdue at 11:05 CT. They split the last weekend against the Boilers in West Lafayette. Purdue lost their first game to Ohio State and then eliminated Illinois this morning 10-5. It is an elimination game, but I have a feeling that NU will not be leaving this tournament without a win.

So don't lose the faith Wildcat fans...this team will bounce back...GO 'CATS!!!

Something for Everyone

The Northwestern Softball Wildcats will take to Sharon J. Drysdale Field once again tomorrow to continue their quest to the College World Series. It's a best 2 out of 3 series with the UMass Minutewomen and i'll leave some of the hardcore previewing to the rest of the crew here in Evanston, but in thinking about this Wildcat Softball Team I've realized there are just so many personalities, characters, etc. to love about this team. It's almost a buffet of qualities we all should admire in our sports teams and athletes.

Lets start at the top with the coaching staff. Kate and Caryl Drohan, along with their staff are a group of young and determined women. Although they have the respect and loyalty of their players, they are just "cool" people and it's always a blast to chat some softball and hear their stories. Their youth and energy trickles all the way down through the roster.

Next, you have the "hollywood" flash and pizzaz of Garland Cooper, Eileen Canney, and Tammy Williams. They were Big Ten Player, Pitcher, and Freshman of the year respectively. They have received national attention (a great piece on Eileen Canney up on's college sports secton) and have put up big numbers (big average for Cooper, big strikeouts for Canney, big home runs for Williams)

Next, you have the battle tested veterans who took a chance on Kate Drohan in coming to Northwestern and trying to build something special. Jamie Dotson has started every game she's been at Northwestern and has been a leader. Courtnay Foster is among the Big Ten's greatest pitchers ever and has been a warrior in the circle ever since her freshman year.

What if you just like grit and hardcore toughness? I recommend you come out and watch Darcy Sengewald play 3rd base. She is a "ballplayer" in the truest sense of the word.

And finally, if the underdog is something you look for (although Northwestern has been playing that role with Michigan in the conference as long as I've been here), how about "The Little Engine That Could" story of Ashley Crane. The Washington native came here as a starter, but ended up a role player for 2 years and is now the every day second baseman. She's a player you can't help but root for because of her positive attitude and friendly personality. Oh yeah, she hit a HR in the first game of the year against Oregon State, had the game winning hit against UCLA, and hit home runs in the Big Ten Tourney against Illinois and in the NCAA Regionals against Notre Dame.

Like the title says, there is something for everyone, be sure to listen to all the Softball action on WNUR this weekend and hopefully all these personalities will add up to a trip to Oklahoma City...Go Cats!

Plans for the evening

BOSTON - A quick update of our plans for tonight. Louis and I are headed to the NCAA Women's Lacrosse 25th Anniversary Celebration. The 25th anniversary team will be announced and all four teams participating in the NCAA finals this weekend will be in attendance.

Check back here later tonight for photos, a recap and maybe even some interviews.

The Deep South

Of the three WNUR broadcast locations this weekend, Evanston, Illinois is actually the farthest south. As it is May 25, we've probably just avoided the last chance of snow flurries.

I just thought I'd chime in (making my sports blog debut) while sitting in our studio listening to Dan broadcast this Big Ten Tournament game. As he mentioned a few minutes ago, NU is looking to do something they've never done: reach the NCAA tournament. Can they do it? I say yes.

To do so, they'll need to not lose their first two games. That way, Brauer can be used again on Saturday if need be. And I think that will happen....despite trailing 2-0 after OSU just hit a HR while typing this sentence...maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't be writing this.

Regardless, this team has defied expectations all season long. They have come up with key hits when they needed it; pitchers beside Brauer have done the job when called upon; yes, there have been monumental struggles, but this team has shown they can handle the pressure.

Most importantly, though, this is the Big Ten. No team in the Big Ten really deserves to be in the NCAA tournament. The whole Big 12, SEC, and maybe even Big West deserves bids before the Big Ten. It's just not a baseball conference.

The separation between NU and the rest of the Big Ten field is not that big. So why can't they be a cut above this weekend?...crud, 3-0 after another error...this whole post is moot.

Should that happen, and should things go well this weekend in Evanston (Friday, 2:45; Saturday, 12:45), WNUR Sports will be hitting the crossroads again next weekend.

Omaha, anyone? Probably - check, definitely - not. But a guy can dream.

Let the games begin!!!

ANN ARBOR- Good morning Wildcat Fans!!

The second ranked Northwestern baseball team kicks off their action in the Big Ten Tournament today against the #3 Ohio State Buckeyes. Dan Brauer will be on the mound for the Wildcats as they try to move on in the winner's bracket.

I will have more updates throughout the day so tune in to this blog and definately check out the game at 2:15 pm on WNUR 89.3 FM or on


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Memory Lane

BOSTON - One final post before heading to bed after a long day, for one simple reason - I can. Tuesday night, while putting off packing for this trip far longer than I should have, I stumbled across a very interesting interview in the depths of the WNUR Sports archives. Following the end of her first season as head coach of the varsity lacrosse program, Coach Hiller appeared as a guest on the Sportsvoice. The date was May 5th, 2002, the hosts were Matt Pearl and Rich Goldberg, the recording is here.

While the content of the interview is not particularly relevant to this trip, it is very interesting to think how far Coach Hiller has taken this program since that interview. I doubt that anyone involved with that interview would have predicted the team would be seeking back-to-back national titles only four years later.

What a Welcome

They love us here in Boston already. At least here at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, just a 15 minute walk from Fenway Park. This photo proves it.

Howard and I went down to Fenway tonight, with a pair of lady acquaintances, at Game On sports bar, a block from the ballpark, where the Red Sox were busy dropping the rubber game to the Yankees 8-6. Festive atmosphere nonetheless, but I was a little underwhelmed by the bar crowd's support of the Sox. We can only hope that the crowd for the national semifinal is more into it...

On a completely unrelated note, something has been fascinating me recently... Scott Hiller, coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller's husband. This guy is unbelievable. He has a law practice in Chicago, yet was commuting to Boston to coach and act as the director of player personnel for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse (who play at Nickerson Field, home of this weekend's Final Four). But the big news is he'll be commuting no more, thanks to MLL expansion out west. Check out the story in Lacrosse Magazine here.

Hopefully Howard and I will get a chance to chat him up this weekend about how he possibly balances law and lacrosse so successfully, and what he thinks about being back in Boston for the Final Four.

Stay Tuned!

I think I can...chugging out to Ann Arbor...

ANN ARBOR-I think I can...I think I can...everyone remember the Little Engine That Could? Well, while that is a great book when you're five, that popular line actually pertains to the situation here in Ann Arbor for all parties involved.

I am making WNUR history here in the Wolverine State...the first time one man has covered a whole tournament, by himself. However, don't worry Wildcat fans, I can assure you that you will get the best coverage of the Big Ten Baseball Tournament. These 'Cats are something special and I really believe that they will be able to put it all together this weekend and bring a championship back to Evanston. I will bring you all the action!!

This also marks the first time in a while that WNUR used this countries fine rail system. A five hour trip out to Ann Arbor went by real quick...but I would like to thank the rather large woman sitting behind me for not letting me get any sleep...boy could that woman snore...mercy...

No one really knows what to think of these diamond 'Cats. However, this team has the potential to be electric, but to stay in the winner's bracket their gonna have to get by a tough team. #3 Ohio State beat #6 Purdue this afternoon 2-1 in 12 innings to set up a match-up with NU. The two teams haven't faced each other this year, but with Dan Brauer on the bump for Northwestern, I like our chances in tomorrow's game.

I think I can...bring you the best coverage of the tournament...they think they the Big Ten Tournament...these next couple of days should be a good 'ol time...

Tune in tomorrow, 2 o'clock CT for THE Northwestern Univeristy vs. Ohio State on WNUR...

Bracketologists At It Again

Well, in preparation for this big weekend of Softball Super Regionals, our friends at WVUA-FM Alabama Student Radio brought me on their "Road to the College World Series" show this evening. There is a lot of good NU vs. UMass chat in here as well as some things about the national softball scene. Howard was on with these guys last week, but since he's obviously in Boston, I figured I'd step up and try to fill his shoes. I am an idiot though and forgot about the magic of radio/internet delay and stopped recording before I should have, so the pleasantries before I hung up are not on the recording....Oops

Platt on WVUA

Innocence in Boston

BOSTON - Greetings from Boston. Louis and I have safely arrived at our hotel located just on the shores of the Charles River. Of course the view from our room is of a nice piece of hotel roof. The team is currently practicing in preparation for the Friday matchup with Duke.

Speaking of Duke, you might have read that the Duke Women's Lacrosse team will wear "innocent" bands to show support for the Duke Men's Lacrosse team that has been in the news a great deal lately. It seems to me that his is an unnecessary combination. The Northwestern - Duke semi-final is a big enough story on its on and does not need any off-field issues clouding it. In fact, this matchup is so big that this piece of news takes away from it in some ways. The Wildcats trying to avenge their only loss of the season in hopes of defending their national title is enough of a story for me.

One more thing on the topic of innocence. We landed at Logan International Airport about two hours ago and I couldn't help but feel dirty the entire time. Can you blame me though? After watching Charles Logan confess to conspiring to kill David Palmer as well as supply terrorists with nerve gas, I don't feel too good about being near anything named Logan. Look for an audio recording here in the near future that implicates Logan in all of this, as long as Jack can safely recover it from the diplomatic charter flight.

Baseball Preview Off The Rails

En route to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Big Ten Baseball Tournament on the choo choo, Dan Gotera previews Northwestern's chances for a Big Ten Title. Dan Gotera will have all the play-by-play on WNUR of all of NU's Tourney Games

Big Ten Baseball Tourney Preview

It Begins

EVANSTON, IL - And we're off... Louis and I are departing in just about an hour for Boston with the Lacrosse team. An amazing weekend is in store for us and for all of WNUR Sports.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Audio Blog Debut

Well, we're going to be trying some new things this week through the miracle of modern technology. We will be posting audio (interviews, highlights, audio updates) from the various sites this weekend (Ann Arbor, Evanston, Boston). Here is a preview of things to come starting tomorrow....

Weekend Preview

Boston Here We Come...

Louis Wertz here, Howard Tilman’s broadcast partner for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. I’m wicked stoked to be headed to Boston for the tournament this weekend. And I’ll be checking in with you all weekend to keep you up to date on the goings on in our nation’s birthplace.

To start things off, a basic rundown of NU’s itinerary: The team’s leaving at 7:30 am Wednesday morning from Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, bussing to O’Hare, and flying to Logan. Come to Patten and cheer on the ‘Cats before they head out (and say hello to Howard and I as we get on the bus quietly).

We’ll have all day Thursday to get ready for NU’s rematch with the team that handed them their lone loss in the last 40 games. The Duke Blue Devils head up the East Coast from Durham, NC, finally escaping the legal and media furor surrounding their men’s team to present NU’s toughest challenge of the season so far. The game is already being billed as the “real” national championship, thanks to NU’s inexplicable #4 seed.

The venue, Nickerson Field on the campus of Boston University, is a storied facility. It was host to the first game in American Football League (AFL) history, between the Boston Patriots and Denver Broncos in 1960, and the home of the Boston Braves until BU bought the field in 1953. You can see in this photo that the field was very multipurpose.

Plus, the complex is beautiful and modern, home to the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse, and the press box, seen here, is beautiful. I’m ready to go. Come along.

Keep checking back here for more updates and news from inside the Wildcat Women’s Lacrosse team’s most important road trip of the season. The ‘Cats defend their National Title, and its all on WNUR Sports,, and!

Let the Good Times Roll

Well we're back at it. The WNUR Sports Blog is back in working order after some time off and we're seeking to do one better than we did last year. You all remember when WNUR Sports was in two places at once last spring during Softball Regionals and the Women's Lacrosse Final Four. This year we're doing one better.

WNUR Sports will be in three places at once.

Women's Lacrosse is back at the NCAA Final Fourin Boston, Softball is hosting the NCAA Super Regionals and Baseball is headed to Ann Arbor, Mi, for the Big Ten Baseball Tournament.

3 Places, 2 timezones, 1 weekend. You won't want to miss this...