Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday's Broadcast Schedule...Focus

Northwestern's game in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament against Purdue will begin shortly on WNUR 89.3 FM as well as, so might as well set you up for today's schedule (All Times Central. Also, just to clarify our two means of broadcasting.

"On Air" can be received from 89.3 FM here in Chicagoland as well as on our website at with the "Listen to Regular Broadcasts" Link

"Internet Only" can be received from our website by clicking on the "Internet Only Broadcasts" Link

1 PM-Northwestern Baseball vs. Purdue (On Air).
3 PM-Northwestern Softball vs. UMass (On Air) and Baseball moves to (Internet Only)
5 PM-Northwestern Lacrosse vs. Duke (On Air) and the conclusion of Softball may move to (Internet Only)
Should Baseball win vs. Purdue, the Northwestern Baseball vs. Michigan will be approx. 3:45 on that will be (Internet Only). That will be on the internet until Lacrosse starts at 5 and if softball still going on, baseball returns to (Internet Only) upon the conclusion of Softball vs. UMass.

Also, other (On Air) web links for other media devices:
Real Audio
Window Media
Mp3 Stream

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