Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a Welcome

They love us here in Boston already. At least here at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, just a 15 minute walk from Fenway Park. This photo proves it.

Howard and I went down to Fenway tonight, with a pair of lady acquaintances, at Game On sports bar, a block from the ballpark, where the Red Sox were busy dropping the rubber game to the Yankees 8-6. Festive atmosphere nonetheless, but I was a little underwhelmed by the bar crowd's support of the Sox. We can only hope that the crowd for the national semifinal is more into it...

On a completely unrelated note, something has been fascinating me recently... Scott Hiller, coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller's husband. This guy is unbelievable. He has a law practice in Chicago, yet was commuting to Boston to coach and act as the director of player personnel for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse (who play at Nickerson Field, home of this weekend's Final Four). But the big news is he'll be commuting no more, thanks to MLL expansion out west. Check out the story in Lacrosse Magazine here.

Hopefully Howard and I will get a chance to chat him up this weekend about how he possibly balances law and lacrosse so successfully, and what he thinks about being back in Boston for the Final Four.

Stay Tuned!

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