Thursday, December 29, 2005

NU Alumni Dinner

WNUR Sports had a very successful internet-only video broadcast of the NAA event held at the glorious Camino Real hotel earlier this evening. Howard Tilman, Dan Platt, and Alex Freedman held down the fort at our makeshift TV set, while I wandered around with a wireless mic interviewing several NU big-wigs.

We got some free food and beverages out of the deal, as well as TWO mentions in speeches delivered by the executive director of the NAA (folled by prolonged, heartfelt applause) and NU President Henry Bienen. Nice.

Tomorrow we'll cover the players luncheon live on WNUR, as well as the fan fest on -- they say they're expecting 20,000 fans at the latter.

We've seen a lot of purple all over town--tshirts, hats, car flags, etc. NU will be represented pretty well at this game. The Bowl events have been really terrific so far and the folks here in El Paso have been quite hospitable.

See y'all tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So that's why they call it the Sun Bowl...

Good afternoon from sunny El Paso, Texas.

Our broadcast crew has arrived safely in El Paso and are preparing for the next three days in Texas.

Dan Platt, Guy Benson and I arrived on the charter plane just a few minutes ago and were greated warmly by an authentic Mariachi band, the same one that welcomed the teams into town a few days ago.

Our charter flight consisted of many school administrators, the cheerleaders and dance time as well as the famous Northwestern University Marching Band. And let me tell you traveling with the band is quite an experience. Here are some excerts from the band's rules for plane travel. "Do kick-off rituals during our taxi. During the flight attendant's saftey orientation point in every possible direction for 'emergency exits,' and after it is over, start a slow clap. During take off and landing, sing 'Go U.' Plane surf during turbulance."

My initial reaction upon seeing these rules was simple - utter speechlessness. As the band began singing the fight song during takeoff I was not only embaressed for myself, but for them as well. I mean wow...

Anyhow, our preperations are underway for the next few days of Sun Bowl coverage. Stay tuned right here for further updates.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

El Paso Here We Come!

It's the night before we begin our journey to the Sun Bowl in El Paso Texas. Howard, Guy, and Myself spent this evening preparing all of our equipment (radio equipment) and planning out our schedule of various broadcasts. Due to the fact the dorms here at Northwestern are closed, Mr. Benson has set up camp at my humble abode here in Evanston. He is pretending he has New Jersey pride by rooting heavily for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in their bowl contest against Arizona State (oh yes, we remember the Sun Devils). Tomorrow should be a long, but exciting day. The bus leaves for the airport bright and early at 9:30 AM for a noon departure. That should put us in El Paso at some time around 2 PM local time. We'll be doing our first remote telecast for from an Alumni Gathering. We've got all kinds of great stuff planned for All Access and of course WNUR the next couple of days. Remember, pre game for the Sun Bowl begins at 11 AM central time for a 1:15 central kick off. Go Cats!