Sunday, November 27, 2005

Waiting to Bowl...

We here at WNUR Sports love bowling. I remember quite a bowling match in South Bend last spring, but we don’t need to talk about the results of that.

But how about the other type of bowling…

WNUR Sports loves that bowling too.

It’s an interesting situation we’re all in right now. The ‘Cats regular season is over and now they are in the awkward position of simply waiting. They are waiting to learn where their Christmas break trip will be. And the worst part about it all now, is that there is nothing they can do. The final decision is out of their hands.

San Antonio? El Paso? Nashville? Detroit? Please, not Detroit

There are many plusses and minuses to each of the possible destinations. San Antonio features both a high prestige game and a fun city. From what I’ve heard the nightlife on the Riverwalk is an experience to be had. However, it doesn’t look very likely the ‘Cats will be headed there and the December 28th date is less than desirable.

The Sun Bowl in El Paso is well respected bowl. It’s been around for a while and will be aired on national television on CBS. However, the guide books on El Paso are fairly thin comparatively speaking. While it certainly is an exotic location, the city itself is not on the must-visit list.

Nashville features an interesting combination. The city is great with lots to do both during daylight and nighttime hours however it is technically a low ranked bowl. While a trip here would certainly be a good time, it seems a little bit of a let down. Last year as the ‘Cats hoped to stumble to a 7-5 overall record Nashville was their best possible destination. However this year’s season was much more successful and with definite possibilities of higher up bowls, having to settle for Nashville seems disappointing.

Detroit – well let’s just say hopefully not…

So it will certainly be another interesting week of bowl speculation. The message boards will be crammed, the bloggers will be posting and the pundits will be punditing. While the destination of the bowl trip is far from decided one thing is for sure. Wherever the ‘Cats end up, WNUR Sports will be there. We’ll have lots of bowl coverage from the destination city with remote broadcasts at bowl events, full game coverage and of course, blog posts.

Stay tuned to the WNUR Sports Blog for further bowl updates.