Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Thank you and Congratulations...

To everyone on the WNUR Sports staff who helped make this weekend an unequivocal, resounding success. Well done, everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2005

A Historic Weekend Revisited One Last Time

Before I enter one last blog about this weekend, I would like to clear up one matter about the content of some of my blogs from this weekend...

It has come to my attention that some people were actually using the blog for updates of the NU games today against Notre Dame. Had I known this, I certainly would have cleaned up some of my blogs and not made as many references to my digestive workings as I did. So, if any readers of the blog felt that these references went a little overboard, I do apologize. My intention was not to gross people out, but rather to lighten the mood surrounding a very intense weekend of softball and lacrosse.

However, if you did like the references, then your personality is probably very similar to mine and we should get to know each other.

On a more positive note, now that I have had a chance to simmer down after an intense weekend of softball, I have come to the conclusion that has already been reached by a few of the WNUR Sports staff members: Softball is a phenomenal sport that can really grow on you. As I said, this was my first experience broadcasting softball and I can say that this was as much fun as I have had on the air all year. Unlike basketball and football, where there seems to be this line that you cannot cross during your coverage, softball lets you get as close to the game as possible and promotes a very relaxed style to the game that can reach insane levels of intensity (see NU vs. ND, Game 2). Not only am I excited about continuing my coverage of the team during the remainder of the tournament this year, but also during my next two years here when hopefully I can call games from the start of the year to the finish.

Quick note, Northwestern Women's Lacrosse team won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP earlier today. While I heard nothing more than Guy Benson's final 20 seconds of the game, which was absolutely tremendous and gave me goosebumps, I have heard from quite a few people that Guy and Frank Tormey had a great call of the game. Now, some people may have said this out of pity, but when a colleague of mine from the Intramural department who also coaches women's lacrosse at a local high school says the broadcast was dead on, then I know it must be true. Great job, Benson and Tormey.

Finally, I would be wrong if I did not send a shout out to Greg Bobak and Mike Laskasky, who engineered all but one of this weekend's seven WNUR broadcasts. Normally, I only publicly acknowledge them when they make me uncomfortable, but today they earned their stripes and one day, I will buy them an adult drink in gratitude.

That day probably will not come for a few years as I am very cheap.

Well, this concludes my blogging duties until I am assigned to another roadtrip on WNUR's dime. The staff at Ivy Field in South Bend, IN on the Campus of Notre Dame were very gracious hosts. While Charlie Weis' haircut may be questionable and Touchdown Jesus is extremely pompous, the non-students are fine, upstanding citizens.

And before I sign off one last time, let me say this to all the loyal readers who have kept up with the insane bloggings of Howard, Dan, Greg, Frank, Guy, and myself...

My stomach, as one Glen Quagmire might say is finally, "ALRIGHT!"


Sunday, May 22, 2005


Just sit back and enjoy that headline for a moment. The Wildcats. National champs.

This lacrosse team is was one for the ages. 21-0 is very hard to accomplish, and they beat each and every team in the final four (Duke during the regular season and Dartmouth and UVA in the final four). Despite the nay-sayers and critics, the 'Cats stayed focused and won it all.

A few additional thoughts from the game: What a job by the 'Cats midfielders. They sometimes don't get enough credit, but they won so many groundballs and made the transition game look like child's play. The Koester twins were out of this world, along with the usual suspects. Coach Amonte Hiller deserves a ton of credit--this team did not exist 5 years ago, and now it's at the pinnacle of the lacrosse world. Simply astounding. The challenge for the athletic dept. is to hang on to this coach because you better believe some big-name programs will come a-knockin'.

Also, kudos to the Northwestern fans in attendance...we estimated about 1,500-2,000 or so wearing purple today (out of nearly 4700). Way to show up and make a ton of noise!

As for the broadcast, I thought it was solid. Frank is turning into a lacrosse guru after just a few games! I am also quite pleased with my call on the final few seconds. At the time, I was just yelling stuff out of pure excitement, and I'm happy to see that it turned out to be half-coherent.

The softball team's gutsy performance was icing on the already-amazing cake---what a day for NU sports. Hats off to my colleagues in South Bend for a job well done on the call out there. Hats also off to the good people at the Loewnes Steakhouse here in Annapolis. They served Frank and I some of the tastiset filets ever consumed by humans in our post-championship celebration.

We have a very, very early AM flight tomorrow, so our rational solution? Stay up all night! Oh...an all-nighter! Send it in!

Northwestern Wildcats: National Champions. That will put a smile on my face for many days to come.

Twas the Night After Glory...

Say it with me people, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I'm never one to pat myself on the back, Barry Horowitz style, but I did predict a 13-10 Northwestern win. Just scroll down to my last post and see for yourself.

I honestly don't know what else to say right now. I might start rambling. I met Tony Amonte after the game. He said he'd love to play in Chicago again someday, I said you guys need to start playing first. I think he admired me for having the Onions to say that to his face. I honestly can't believe I said it either.

There's really nothing else to say that you haven't already seen or heard somewhere. I can't say enough how proud I am of this team. And how proud I am to be a part of WNUR Sports. This was my final broadcast, and I couldn't think of a better scenario to go out with. Much love to all of my brethren, and keep it up for years to come.

One more time, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

Greatest Day Ever

Between a national championship for lacrosse and a regional championship for softball, things, quite simply, do not get any better than this for Northwestern sports. I've been here in the WNUR studios since 11:30 this morning and I'm still here (and will remain so for the Sportsvoice) but I'm not annoyed at all -- I am, quite simply, overjoyed at the successes of our teams. Bring on DePaul!

And whenever it is that I *do* eat tonight, I'm going to give Ray a run for his money. You watch.

There it is...Well hello Super Regionals!!!

Northwestern Women's softball is headed to the Super Regionals for the first time in the Kate Drohan era. NU will now square off with DePaul next weekend with a location still to be announced. First, the Lacrosse team wins the national championship and now the softball team heads to the Sweet 16 of softball. A great weekend for Northwestern Sports, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

2 outs and the bases are loaded for ND

NU 4, ND 3 - Good Lord!

2 Down

Eileen Canney comes up with a huge strike out. NU is one out away from a trip to Super Regionals.


That should have read Darcy Sengewald.

Top 7

Ground out to Darcy Sengewld, followed by an infield single. The tying-run is on base for the Irish with one out. Can Eileen Canny come through in the cluth?

Chi-Town Battle?

DePaul has upset Oregon State in the Madison Regional, meaning whoever wins between NU and ND will face off with the Blue Demons next weekend in the Super Regional Round of 16. Dare I say Dan, Howard and I head to Lincoln Park for a ferocious 2 out of 3 series during Dillo Day weekend? It is Howard's decision, but hopefully the box of fresh mozzarela he will find at his door will influence his decision. Top 5 - NU 4, ND 1. What a weekend this could shape up to be!


My colleague Greg Bobak typed the historic words at 3:32pm... ":05, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, 13-10 FINAL." The Northwestern Women's Lacrosse team has just downed Virginia to give NU its first national crown since 1941, which was Men's Fencing. I am not going to pretend and say I have been following the team religiously all season long. Howvever, any type of championship at Northwestern is something to be proud of. especially if you are a student. I am also proud to be a part of WNUR Sports, who sent Guy Benson and Frank Tormey to call the action. This is something they will always remember... Stephanie Churchwell, way back, she looks up, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YESSSSSSSSS!!! NU now leads ND 2-1 in the bottom half of the 3rd. Dan Platt nearly joined the excitement at home plate after calling that bomb.

The White Sox may have lost to the Cubbies moments ago, but we still took 2 of 3 @ Wrigley and sit at 31-13. In Dusty they Sucky.

Before I sign off for the time being, a quick note: If NU wins and DePaul holds on and wins the Madison region, then the Wildcats could be on tap for a SuperRegional matchup in the Windy City. Wishful Thinking or Thinking Wishfully?

My Work is Done, Finally!!!

Well loyal WNUR Sports listerners, my work as a softball broadcaster here at Ivy Field in South Bend, Indiana has been completed. I am about one half hour removed from working with Howard Tilman on Northwestern's 4-1 win over the Fighting Irish. Currently, we are in the Top of the 1st of game 2 between NU and ND. ND leads the 'Cats 1-0. I must say, while this weekend brought my first ever work on softball, I greatly enjoyed the experience. Calling games with Northwestern's softball season on the line brought out some Purple pride in myself. Howard and Dan have moved back outside directly behind home plate to call this decisive game while sit next them, using Dan's very expensive Mac computer. I hope he didn't see me sneeze on the keyboard...Anyway, I shall return later with updates on my day here at Ivy Field.

...And for those readers who have been waiting with baited breath, I am not only dominating the battle with the Big Bacon Classic, but not even the backup of the Jack Daniels New York Strip can help him. Send it in, ROLAIDS!!!

Insert Noah's Ark joke here

Well, we just suffered through a 27 minute rain delay. I hope the listeners of the softball game enjoyed some national lacrosse championship for rain delay theatre on WNUR. Well, as I predicted, the rains came and they came hard in the bottom of the 5th inning. Myself, our friend from the daily and Tugboat settled under the overhang for some cover and it actually worked. Once the rarin stopped and sun came out and the tarp came off. We cleaned off our tables and the softball team went back to work. Eileen Canney got out of the bottom of the 5th with a fly out and the cats now bat in the top of the 6th with a 3 run lead thanks to the big sticks of Amegin and and McCorkle.

Right now I'm enjoying the radio stylings of Mr. Tormey and Mr. Benson on the Lax championship while watching the top of the 6th here at Ivy Field. Hopefully the rains will stay away and the Cats can force a 2nd game and hopefully advance from the region.

Talk to everyone later

Bombs away!!

All I have to say is....ONIONS!!! Back to Back Home Runs from Kristen Amegin and Sheila McCorkle followed by a pitching change and a Kelly Odell single. Still no outs here in the top of the 4th and the clouds still looming. A rain delay will be coming shortly. My guess....10 minutes tops.


Do not mess with the NU coaching staff

Sitting down this close to the plate provides an interesting perspective. Kelly Odell struck out looking on a high strike which then caused the coaches to yell from the dugout at the umpire..."SHE'S FIVE FEET TALL!!" and then Caryl Drohan gave the ump a piece of her mind.

Way to go Cats! Darcy Sengewald just picked up an RBI single scoring McCorkle in the top of the 2nd!

The broadcast team has moved upstairs because of threat of rain, but myself Tenorio, and tugboat Meffley are braving it out downstairs.

To the bottom of the 2nd we go, still no rain (my blind melon reference of the day)

It wouldn't be NU Softball....

Well, here in South Bend the clouds are beginning to loom! The forecast calls for isolated thunderstorms throughout the day, although the actual probability of rain is 30%. However, in order to accomodate some of the Notre Dame staff up in the little press box here at Ivy Field, we have been moved down to the table below the press box that is literally 10 yards behind homeplate and about 2 feet behind the netting that is the backstop. However, one problem with this amazing vantage point, we are "in harms way" as the wind is picking up and the clouds begin to cover. For now, we are just hanging out as the press table sits from left to right, Tenorio (Daily), myself, Softball SID Doug Meffley, and the broadcast team for game 1, Howard Tilman and Ray Garcia. It is an NU party down here about 20 minutes before the start of today's game between Notre Dame and Northwestern, but I have a feeling we'll be getting soaked before too long.

Afterall, it wouldn't be NU Softball without rain and scheduling mishaps. I plan to update the blog throughout the game, although not to the sickening proportions that Mr Tilman did. Good luck Cats!