Sunday, May 22, 2005

My Work is Done, Finally!!!

Well loyal WNUR Sports listerners, my work as a softball broadcaster here at Ivy Field in South Bend, Indiana has been completed. I am about one half hour removed from working with Howard Tilman on Northwestern's 4-1 win over the Fighting Irish. Currently, we are in the Top of the 1st of game 2 between NU and ND. ND leads the 'Cats 1-0. I must say, while this weekend brought my first ever work on softball, I greatly enjoyed the experience. Calling games with Northwestern's softball season on the line brought out some Purple pride in myself. Howard and Dan have moved back outside directly behind home plate to call this decisive game while sit next them, using Dan's very expensive Mac computer. I hope he didn't see me sneeze on the keyboard...Anyway, I shall return later with updates on my day here at Ivy Field.

...And for those readers who have been waiting with baited breath, I am not only dominating the battle with the Big Bacon Classic, but not even the backup of the Jack Daniels New York Strip can help him. Send it in, ROLAIDS!!!

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