Monday, May 23, 2005

A Historic Weekend Revisited One Last Time

Before I enter one last blog about this weekend, I would like to clear up one matter about the content of some of my blogs from this weekend...

It has come to my attention that some people were actually using the blog for updates of the NU games today against Notre Dame. Had I known this, I certainly would have cleaned up some of my blogs and not made as many references to my digestive workings as I did. So, if any readers of the blog felt that these references went a little overboard, I do apologize. My intention was not to gross people out, but rather to lighten the mood surrounding a very intense weekend of softball and lacrosse.

However, if you did like the references, then your personality is probably very similar to mine and we should get to know each other.

On a more positive note, now that I have had a chance to simmer down after an intense weekend of softball, I have come to the conclusion that has already been reached by a few of the WNUR Sports staff members: Softball is a phenomenal sport that can really grow on you. As I said, this was my first experience broadcasting softball and I can say that this was as much fun as I have had on the air all year. Unlike basketball and football, where there seems to be this line that you cannot cross during your coverage, softball lets you get as close to the game as possible and promotes a very relaxed style to the game that can reach insane levels of intensity (see NU vs. ND, Game 2). Not only am I excited about continuing my coverage of the team during the remainder of the tournament this year, but also during my next two years here when hopefully I can call games from the start of the year to the finish.

Quick note, Northwestern Women's Lacrosse team won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP earlier today. While I heard nothing more than Guy Benson's final 20 seconds of the game, which was absolutely tremendous and gave me goosebumps, I have heard from quite a few people that Guy and Frank Tormey had a great call of the game. Now, some people may have said this out of pity, but when a colleague of mine from the Intramural department who also coaches women's lacrosse at a local high school says the broadcast was dead on, then I know it must be true. Great job, Benson and Tormey.

Finally, I would be wrong if I did not send a shout out to Greg Bobak and Mike Laskasky, who engineered all but one of this weekend's seven WNUR broadcasts. Normally, I only publicly acknowledge them when they make me uncomfortable, but today they earned their stripes and one day, I will buy them an adult drink in gratitude.

That day probably will not come for a few years as I am very cheap.

Well, this concludes my blogging duties until I am assigned to another roadtrip on WNUR's dime. The staff at Ivy Field in South Bend, IN on the Campus of Notre Dame were very gracious hosts. While Charlie Weis' haircut may be questionable and Touchdown Jesus is extremely pompous, the non-students are fine, upstanding citizens.

And before I sign off one last time, let me say this to all the loyal readers who have kept up with the insane bloggings of Howard, Dan, Greg, Frank, Guy, and myself...

My stomach, as one Glen Quagmire might say is finally, "ALRIGHT!"


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