Friday, May 26, 2006

Post Game Press Conference Audio

Duke first...Click Here.

Some notes on the audio:
1) Its a little unclear at key moments, unfortunately, but when Coach Kerstin Kimel is discussing the sweatbands her team wore, she does indeed get very emotional. There was clearly a deep connection between the men's and women's squads at Duke.
2) The players don't talk a lot on this recording, since most of the questions regard the sweatbands and are directed toward Kimel, but the three who spoke are Katie Chrest, Megan Huether, and Leigh Jester. Chrest had 3 goals in the losing effort, and Jester tallied 4 points, with a goal and three assists. Huether made four saves, including a key one to send it to overtime.

Now Northwestern, the jubilation and the pride in the voice of Coach Kelly Amonte-Hiller, and the sheer exhausted excitement of Laura Glassanos, Morgan Lathrop and Kristen Kjellman. Click here.

Check back for a full report tomorrow, after Howard and I get our wits back about us, and shake off the hangovers from the victory celebration!

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