Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Deep South

Of the three WNUR broadcast locations this weekend, Evanston, Illinois is actually the farthest south. As it is May 25, we've probably just avoided the last chance of snow flurries.

I just thought I'd chime in (making my sports blog debut) while sitting in our studio listening to Dan broadcast this Big Ten Tournament game. As he mentioned a few minutes ago, NU is looking to do something they've never done: reach the NCAA tournament. Can they do it? I say yes.

To do so, they'll need to not lose their first two games. That way, Brauer can be used again on Saturday if need be. And I think that will happen....despite trailing 2-0 after OSU just hit a HR while typing this sentence...maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't be writing this.

Regardless, this team has defied expectations all season long. They have come up with key hits when they needed it; pitchers beside Brauer have done the job when called upon; yes, there have been monumental struggles, but this team has shown they can handle the pressure.

Most importantly, though, this is the Big Ten. No team in the Big Ten really deserves to be in the NCAA tournament. The whole Big 12, SEC, and maybe even Big West deserves bids before the Big Ten. It's just not a baseball conference.

The separation between NU and the rest of the Big Ten field is not that big. So why can't they be a cut above this weekend?...crud, 3-0 after another error...this whole post is moot.

Should that happen, and should things go well this weekend in Evanston (Friday, 2:45; Saturday, 12:45), WNUR Sports will be hitting the crossroads again next weekend.

Omaha, anyone? Probably - check, definitely - not. But a guy can dream.

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Yes, you are screwing up the cats' chances by blogging... it happens all the time *LoL*

welcome to the staff!!!