Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Innocence in Boston

BOSTON - Greetings from Boston. Louis and I have safely arrived at our hotel located just on the shores of the Charles River. Of course the view from our room is of a nice piece of hotel roof. The team is currently practicing in preparation for the Friday matchup with Duke.

Speaking of Duke, you might have read that the Duke Women's Lacrosse team will wear "innocent" bands to show support for the Duke Men's Lacrosse team that has been in the news a great deal lately. It seems to me that his is an unnecessary combination. The Northwestern - Duke semi-final is a big enough story on its on and does not need any off-field issues clouding it. In fact, this matchup is so big that this piece of news takes away from it in some ways. The Wildcats trying to avenge their only loss of the season in hopes of defending their national title is enough of a story for me.

One more thing on the topic of innocence. We landed at Logan International Airport about two hours ago and I couldn't help but feel dirty the entire time. Can you blame me though? After watching Charles Logan confess to conspiring to kill David Palmer as well as supply terrorists with nerve gas, I don't feel too good about being near anything named Logan. Look for an audio recording here in the near future that implicates Logan in all of this, as long as Jack can safely recover it from the diplomatic charter flight.

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Zach said...

Make sure Chloe is standing by, ready to work her magic.