Saturday, May 27, 2006


I, as the Broadway afficianado, had to be the first to post that. I will let my colleagues on today's call, Dan and Ray, actually recap the afternoon, though.

I just wanted to express my thoughts briefly. Following the 1-0 defeat on Friday, four things gave me confidence in a Saturday sweep.
1) Freshman in the circle
2) A lot of plate patience by the Wildcats
3) Solid contact against Balschmiter
4) Canney and Foster

Experience always wins out. Balschmiter's a wonderful pitcher, but you can not send a rookie out 3 straight games to pitch the most important games of her career. Pressure and fatigue got to her.

For the rest of my analysis on those other three points, tune into the Sportsvoice tomorrow night, when Carl Deffenbaugh and I will break down the weekend's results (a World Series berth, and dare I say, a quite possible second national champion).

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