Thursday, May 19, 2005

Now, the "Fun" Stuff

I am very pleased to see that the world of internet blogging has instituted Affirmative Action and allowed a minority onto the blog. I will do my best to make my people proud, unlike their president.

Anyhow, our singing colleagues in Annapolis, Frank Tormey and Guy Benson, seem to think that their accomodations are far better than those here in South Bend, Hick-iana. Well, judging by the back of the bathroom door that lists the nightly price of $359 for the Spring Hill Suites, I would say we get the edge. Frank and Guy can have their crab cakes and "friendly" strolls along the Marlyand docks, we have a wall that divides the hotel room in two. I am sure they cannot contain their jealousy.

Now, night life and fun seem to be a great part of going on these broadcast road trips. And Howard and I did not disappoint. We may have not left the room to find good viewing, but the intensity we found on the Zenith Concierge Television would have blown your mind. (And by "intense" TV, I do not mean that.) Competition was riding high all night. After our boys at CSI made a heroic save, we were in search of more drama. You may think we were engulfed in the NBA Playoffs, but no. The only items that could consume our attention were "Iron Chef America" and CNBC's "Head's Up Texas Hold'Em Tournament. That Phil Hellmuth is a monster.

Before I let you all go, just a quick note about this weekend's action. Northwestern may be the top seed here in this Notre Dame Regional, but they are going to have their hands full with their three challengers. The Great Danes of Albany may be an unknown America East school, but if you have a pitcher with a .74 ERA, you can do some things. Louisville is riding a wave of post-season success after the football team won the Liberty Bowl in December and Rick Pitino's boys went to the Final Four. And Notre Dame, well, not only did they beat NU in late April, they have the full support of Charlie Weis. I would be scared of anyone with a haircut like that.

Go U Northwestern Softball and Lacrosse!!! To get this blog in Spanish, utilize the SAP button on your computer.

P.S. The 12-ounce sirloin from Outback has replaced Northwestern finals as my new arch-nemesis. Yikes! My apologies to the housekeeping staff. SEND IT IN, STOMACH PROBLEMS!!!

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