Friday, May 20, 2005

The 1st Time is Always Special

Well, I must say, I was a little nervous about my first on-air broadcast for softball, especially being at Regionals, but on the whole, I thought Howard Tilman and I had a very solid broadcast. And there is no better icing on the cake of a solid broadcast than a Northwestern winnner! The Wildcats advanced to the winner's bracket of the Notre Dame Regional and will square off with the Fighting Irish at high noon tomorrow afternoon. In late April, Notre Dame knocked off NU 4-3 during a late game collapse. Hopefully, this time around, Touchdown Jesus will be "up-in-arms" because Northwestern has lodged a foot in his...nevermind.
FYI: White Sox 5, Cubs 1 - Northsiders really do not have any "testicular verility."
Now, onto more important information, such as how Howard, Dan Platt, and I spent our evening in the socially jumping city of South Bend, Hick-iana. Let me warn you right now, the fun we had this evening was so grotesquely incredible that you should put your kids to bed right now. After departing from Ivy Field and slipping into something more comfortable, we ventured to Smokey Bones' Barbecue and Grill, where we indulged on mozzarella sticks and barbecued deliciousness. After our meal, we had a tough choice ahead of us: Adult fun or mind-boggling excitement?
We chose something mind-boggling and ventured to the South Bend Strikes and Spares Bowling Alley where I once again proved why I am a national championship bowler and embarassed Howard and Dan. Though Howard brought us a Tiger Woods-like fist pump after a big strike when he thought he was going to beat Dan in game 2. But just like Pick'Em, Howard went down yet again. Before we departed, the three amigos headed for the arcade where Howard and Dan each donned a virtual reality helmet for a shooting game and then took control of a samurai sword and embarassed themselves.
Finally, before retiring to our incredibly comfortable quarters, we had a little taste of Evanston here in South Bend as we traveled through the Steak'N'Shake drive-thru and enjoyed some delicious shakes. It may not be crab dip, but it sure as hell was tasty.
The Mavericks have the Suns on the ropes in Game 6, and in a shocker, I am still in control of the brisket sandwich I had earlier. I learned my lesson the hard way...dammit, overtime in Dallas. Steve Nash is incredible.
...And here comes the Brisket.

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