Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Getting Ready for Annapolis...

Frank Tormey and I will have the amazing opportunity to accompany the #1 women's lacrosse team to Annapolis, MD for the NCAA final four. Their first opponent will be the Dartmouth Big Green (is that not one of the dumbest nicknames in college sports?) on Friday, then either Duke or Virginia in the finals--provided that they overcome the Big Green.

Come to think of it, Dartmouth should be forced to surrender one goal at the beginning of every contest as pennance for their idiotic nickname. I'm getting this all out of my system so I don't spin out of control on the air during Friday's game.

Anyway, we'll have live action of every minute of final four Wildcat action on 89.3 FM, as well as on

As part of our bonus coverage Frank and I will blog throughout our trip to Maryland so that the miniscule readership of this blog will be kept abreast on all of our innane activities. You should expect Frank's posts to be far more amusing than mine....they don't call him Chuckles McTormes for nothing.

So stay tuned...

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cubneil said...

Could you have the chipmunks in Evanston pedal a little faster so I can get better WNUR reception in Naperville?

Go Cats!