Friday, May 20, 2005

Fashionably Late

Well, I am so excited to be posting on this blog after I have seen my commrades Ray, Howard, Frank, and Guy post so far this weekend. I had to go to work on Thursday and had something to take care of on campus Friday morning, so I could not embark for South Bend until Friday at about noon. However, there is nothing like a nice long drive by yourself to put things in perspective. I have read the blogs from this weekend and all I've seen from everyone has been pot shots at the people in the opposite location. Tormey taking shots at the South Bend crew and then the South Bend crew shooting back. I don't understand it! We're all on the same team here at WNUR and we are part of something really special. WNUR Sports with two crews in two locations, for two NCAA post season tournaments. How cool is that? Name me another student station that has the ONIONS or the technology to do that? (I'm looking at you Ohio State)

Ok, now to today. After two hours of some quality music (the new Ben Folds album is quality and the indie/emo stylings of Chin up Chin up kept me entertained) I arrived at Ivy Field on the campus of Notre Dame to witness the end of Notre Dame's comeback victory over Louisville. After that game ended, Ray and Howard went on air for game one of Northwestern's quest to the College World Series against The University AT Albany (NY). After the Great Danes went up 1-0 after Stephanie Churchwell lost a ball in the sun, Northwestern proceeded to wake up and the bats came alive. Garland Cooper reached base every time she came to the plate (including two unintentional intentional walks) and Katie Logan hit a HUGE TRIPLE which put smiles on everyone's face including Courtnay Foster who took the win for the Cats. She kept the Danes off balance with sharp fastball and wicked changeups. Long story short, Northwestern 6 Albany 1. The Cats will take on Notre Dame at noon tomorrow in what should be an amazing contest.

As far as the broadcast goes, Ray and Howard did an amazing job. The only issue I had with them was when in their attempt to stretch the pre-game show, the conversation game to Reggie Miller's last game in the NBA. Ray, who is an avid Bulls fan, tried to say in front of me, (a New Yorker) that Reggie had tortured HIS team over the years, to which I made the famous Reggie choke sign to Spike Lee. Right now we are listening to Frank and Guy call the Lax game from Maryland and watching Frank Costanza have flashbacks to his time as an army chef in Korea. I'm new to this Blogging thing as I still live in the early 90's, so I apologize if the humor level is a little low. A heard a rumor that myself and Ray Garcia might be on the call of the game tomorrow, and if that is the case, be prepared for many ONIONS! SEND IT IN!! OOO SUPPLE!! and if it is myself and Howard, be prepared for many NO SOUP FOR YOU, AND YOU WANT TO BE MY LATEX SALESMAN? BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE A PIRATE!!

I haven't sampled the South Bend cuisine, but i'm sure there will be no crabcakes. I hope Frank is enjoying his first encounter with Crabs. Talk to everyone tomorrow!

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