Thursday, May 19, 2005

Howdy From Annapolis

I say howdy because our rental car has Texas plates. Let me tell you, not everything is bigger in Texas. The flight from O'Hare to BWI was rather uneventful, saved only by a Conan O'Brien segment on NBC In-Flight. "It's something we do every day...weeping?" Somewhere Greg Bobak nods in approval.

Guy and myself will be on the air at approximately 4:45 central time tomorrow, right after softball action. That is, of course, if our equipment still works. We were waiting for it at baggage claim at BWI. It was taking a while, so we thought they might have brought it out separately since it had a fragile tag on it. Just then, the sounds of our case banging down the carousel let us know everything was going to be all right.

Rode up the elevator here at the hotel with some Virginia players. They looked psyched, as if I know what that means. We'll have more game info later, and I guarantee it will be better then the stuff you get out of South Bend.

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