Saturday, November 12, 2005

You people are just sad.

My family is down in Orlando enjoying the heaven-on-earth that is Disneyworld, and my father said that he had a little run-in with some Buckeye fans about this weekend's showdown in Columbus. So it's obvious that the contest you are covering is creating some national buzz.

However, my parents said that the biggest confrontation was between vacationing NU and Lehigh fans in a dispute over hoops supremacy. Apparently, that argument led to fisticuffs, which blew up into a massive riot--resulting in multiple arrests and the temporary closure of the Magic Kingdom. (Lehigh's contingent suffered more casualties, in case you were wondering).

But seriously, we hate to say it, but our colleagues in Columbus are behaving pitifully. Aside from gushing endlessly about playing some football on the "hallowed ground" that is the 'Shoe, is your best argument seriously a FROSTY machine? Come on.

Have fun covering your ONE game--I wonder how many WGN listeners you'll be stealing....hmmm. Meanwhile, we are about to embark on our mighty journey to the wild west to cover (exclusively) THREE basketball games. By my calculation, that's 3 times the number of games you're covering.

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