Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so fast...

First of all, the tandem of Benson/Garcia dominates the Tilman/Platt/Ecker trio any day. We are more ethnically and religiously diverse, considering that the entire OSU trip is made up of people of the Jewish faith, whereas the Laramie trip features an hispanic Catholic and a white Protestant.

Secondly, you're underestimating the good people of Wyoming. They are a docile and friendly bunch, unlike the thugs and hooligans that populate Columbus, OH.

Finally, our trip will feature 4 live sporting events: 3 NU basketball games, and one Wyoming Cowboys collegiate football game on Saturday night. You guys only have one game in total. And we get an all-first-class chartered jet. You get a rented 737 than any old plebians could fly on a given day.

Touche, my friend.

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