Saturday, November 12, 2005

'Twas an hour before pre-game

Well, the Platt Powerbook is up and running in the OSU pressbox and what better way to pass the time then posting to ye ole blog. Last night was pretty uneventful. The hotel is quite a distance away from the happenin' town of Columbus. Howard and I took in a nice meal at a sports bar of sorts and watched a fine selelction of the night's athletics. Columbus Blue Jackets on one TV, Cleveland Cavs on another, and then some other NBA action. After dinner Howard and I headed back to the hotel. We strolled into the hotel bar (it's alright, Howard and I are both of age). While there we had a chat over our "adult beverages" with a one Chris Boyer, Associate Director of External Affairs for the NU athletic department. We had a lenghty chat about the intricacies of title IX, the struggles NU faces in packing their sporting events, etc. It was a glorious time (although i think Chris just started talking to us to bail out of the conversation he was engaged in when we walked in). I learned a lot. After that, it was just relaxing and watching the NBA and some other Television programing (you can guess what we watched, but all I'll say is "YOU WERE UPSET BECAUSE YOU NEVER GOT TO BE A BANKER!" I'm sure you'll here from Howard before the day is through. Here is to a good broadcast and a Wildcat victory!

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