Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Tale of Two Cities

So let’s review…

WNUR Sports is once again undertaking the task of two road trips in a single weekend – a task that I’m fairly confident no other college radio station can equal. Remember the last time that happened? Coincidentally enough it was the last time this blog was used as well; the now famous Softball Regionals / Women’s Lacrosse National Championship weekend. Similar to that weekend, Guy Benson and I are on opposite trips. I think it’s safe to say that last time he had the better trip witnessing a national championship and getting crabs. So let’s examine who has the advantage this time.

Company: Ironically enough, four of the five members involved in the dual trips are the same. Frank Tormey’s time at WNUR has come to an end with his graduation last fall, but sophomore Danny Ecker is eagerly stepping into his spot. Accompanying Guy is Ray Garcia who traveled to South Bend in the spring and impressed us all with his dramatic cuisine reviews. Heading with me to Columbus are Dan Platt and Danny Ecker – anyone else notice that I’m the one non-Daniel on this trip? I think the real match up here is between Ray’s food blogs, and Dan’s Seinfeld references. Knowing me, I’ll take Seinfeld any day.

Advantage: Columbus

Locale: Laramie, Wyoming vs Columbus, Ohio. Is there really any sort of match up here? Can anyone tell me one fact about Laramie? Columbus is after all a state capitol and is home to an NHL franchise. Take that Wyoming!

Advantage: Columbus

Event: Let’s see. The BCA Invitational against Ohio State football. Hello? There will be over 100,000 people at Ohio Stadium for the single game. I bet not even 100,000 people across the country know that the BCA Invitational is occurring. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure Coppin State travels well and has quite a fight song, but somehow I get the feeling that seeing Script Ohio from the Shoe will somehow top a thrilling contest against Lehigh.

Advantage: Columbus

Intangibles: The intangibles are always so hard to define as they are here as well. That being said they clearly favor Columbus for some intangible reason.

Advantage: Columbus

Well there you have it. Columbus runs the table against Laramie and finally justice will be served as my road trip tops the one of Mr. Benson.

Next post from the Buckeye state…

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