Saturday, November 12, 2005


An explanation of this title will arrive shortly. It is great that affirmative action has returned to the WNUR Sports blog. Out of respect to our tens of readers here on the interweb, I will do my best to discontinue the updates of my digestive tract. However, let it be known that the 8 oz. Wyoming sirloin is my new nemesis.

Now, on to important business such as this doubleheader weekend on WNUR Sports. From what I understand our colleagues, Dan Platt, Howard Tilman, and Danny Ecker, believe their road trip to Columbus, OH, was a better trip. Well guys, I'm no expert, but covering a meaningless 48-7 blowout at the Horseshoe does not seem all that exciting. After all, I would imagine most committed Northwestern fans chose to enjoy the soothing sounds of Hall of Famer Dave Eanet on WGN. Most football fans do not want to hear about your football exploits during the walk-through nor a discussion of where Dan is from for the 4,567 time on our airwaves. Now, being the exclusive home of Wildcat Men's basketball over the next three days is what WNUR Sports is all about. And Danny, pick a team already. Guy says you do more flip-flopping than a certain Senator Kerry.

Now, Guy has already informed our listeners of the treacherous route we took to Laramie via Cheyenne. I have not spent much time in airport hangars, but the Cheyenne hangar was a true delight.

Upon our arrival the Comfort Inn Laramie, we were informed that the bus would be heading to the arena at 7:30, and the coordinator specifically told us the "guys would trickle down and we will head out around 7:40." We walked through the lobby at 7:32 and out to the parking lot to find "NO BUS!!!" Yes folks, the bus left without us. It was no one's fault of course, just a miscommunication (their fault). The lack of a bus meant we needed to walk the two miles to the arena in 30 degree temperatures. Suffice it to say, Guy and I both have one less ear and a C minus. When we arrived at the arena, the SID gave us a double take and was shocked to see us. It was as if we were left for dead.And Tim Doyle yelled, "you guys missed the bus?" Yes Timmy D, we missed the bus.

We went on to find out that when your dealing with Coach Carmody, being on time is being late. This is a fair request. So, Guy and I will be sleeping in the lobby. And in the event we miss the 9:15am departure, then they can...nevermind. We will give you an update tomorrow in preperation of Northwestern's season opener with Lehigh.

Until next time...DAMN SIRLOIN.

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