Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wouldn't be NU in the postseason...

Well, even though we are 800+ milies away from Evanston and further from Ann Arbor, rain still seems to follow Northwestern around in the post season. In the bottom of the 5th inning of Arizona vs. Oregon State, the skies darkened, the wind picked up, and then said "skies" opened up and it poured buckets. The game eventually resumed after the rain stopped and the tarp came off the field. We are now in the top of the 7th and Arizona and Oregon State are knotted at 2. We aren't sure how this will affect the start time of Northwestern vs. Arizona. It is about 3:40 and there is still Texas vs. Arizona State to play before our game. Pre game is still scheduled for 5:40 PM CT, but stay tuned to the and especially our blog for updates.

Also, I have to echo Mr. Tilman's sentiments about the Spelling Bee. Ray Garcia and I were discussing this very same topic here in Oklahoma City and I find it unreal that an actual "sport" has been bumped to "the deuce" for SPELLING! (hooray 14 year olds who can't spell words passing out on stage!). Even more messed up?? The National Spelling Bee finals are being broadcast not on ESPN or ESPN2....but ABC!!! ABC loses Monday night football and they get Spelling! great trade off.

That is all for now, McGowan and Hollowell are in a pitchers' duel! Wildcats are mounting a threat in the bottom of the 7th

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