Friday, June 02, 2006

Huge Night of Games Ahead!

Well, we did not get back to our hotel until like 4 AM this morning. That is because after the thriller between Northwestern and Alabama we stayed at Hall of Fame Stadium to watch the game between UCLA and Tennessee to see who NU would play today (Tenn won). The game didn't end until like 2 AM (amazing that a game that might just have this year's NCAA Champion was being played at 2 in the morning). After that game we packed up and headed to an old WNUR Sports favorite....STEAK N' SHAKE!!...Nothing like "S n' S" at 3 AM in Oklahoma City! Be glad that I'm the one writing about this meal and not me.

After a good night's sleep we walked around an area of downtown called "Bricktown" and it was pretty cool. It's just old brick factories that have been converted into restaurants and bars with lots of outdoor tables and such. Now we're just hanging out and getting "RePhreshed" before heading back to the stadium to watch Texas and Arizona and get set for the Wildcats vs. The Lady Vols. That Texas game is going to be fun, Cat Osterman was absolutely unreal yesterday, but when you think about it, Courtnay Foster had a better strikeout/inning ratio last night then Cat did...TAKE THAT LONGHORNS!

I got a message this morning regarding Courtnay Foster's pitching performance last night and it basically said that what we saw was "Vintage Courtnay Foster" and I couldn't agree more. We have been saying that Courtnay Foster showed what we like to call (via Bill Raftery)....figurative ONIONS!

It should be an electric atmosphere tonight at HOF Stadium and a great game between NU and Tenn. The Lady Vols beat the 'Cats 3-2 in their only meeting this year. In that game Tammy Williams (a lefty) hit a lead off HR off of the lefty Monica Abbott.

Pre game show at 7:40 CT and first pitch at 8 PM on WNUR 89.3 FM and I'm sure we'll have some more audio after the game as well, so keep reading.

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