Friday, June 02, 2006

The Sounds of NU 6 Alabama 5 F (10)!!!

Well, we're just sitting and watching UCLA and Tenn to see who NU will face tomorrow night at 8 PM. Our money is on UCLA, but we shall see. We have been at Hall of Fame Stadium since about 12:30 PM on 6/1 and it is now about 12:30 AM on 6/2. We saw an amazing game! Ray said it all. But here is all your audio:

Erin Dyer's Game Tying Home Run in the 7th (2-2 count, 2 outs, bottom 7th, down 5-4)

Tammy Williams' GW hit in the 10th (5-5, Sengewald on 2nd)

Full Highlights

Interview with Katie Logan right after the game

NU's post game press conference (Kate Drohan, Tammy Williams, Garland Cooper, Erin Dyer, Courtnay Foster, Darcy Sengewald)

That should hold you over for now. I'm still in awe. I have watched this team for a long time and WNUR has covered many games (many dramatic ones), but when you take into account the scope and magnitude of this game, the fact it was on ESPN2, the fact it was in the CWS, the fact it was under the lights, etc. It is by the greatest softball game covered on WNUR. How about a freshman (Dyer) getting the game tying HR, a freshman (Williams) getting the game winning hit, with a Senior (Foster) getting 13 strikeouts in relief and holding the game at 5-5 until the 'Cats won.

...Also, not one NU batter struck out in extras

NU vs. UCLA/Tenn Friday 6/2 at 8 PM (7:40 PM pregame) WNUR 89.3 FM or

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