Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Journey has Begun!!!

To my right, Dan Platt and Alex Freedman are calling Northwestern's first game here at the 2006 Women's College World Series. To my left, Ryan "Bobo" Morton is chewing his fingernails and wearing the safari hat he stole from an 80-year old man outside the stadium. And in front of me, Northwestern and Alabama are scoreless in the 3rd inning.

This is what it's all about folks. After NU won the 2006 Lacrosse National Title and followed it up with an NCAA Women's Doubles National Title, it's only amazing that NU has the chance to make it a trifecta of championships in one week. Despite the disappointments in Evanston throughout the fall and winter seasons, spring has become the epitome of excellence in Evanston.

I would be doing our devoted blog readers a disservice if I didn't update them on Ryan and my travels to Oklahoma City from Evanston. We departed E-town at 8:30am and pulled into the Oklahoma City Sheraton at 9:30pm. You may think 13 hours in a car is brutal, but let me correct you. 13 hours in a car with a singing Ryan Morton is as bad as it gets.

*In all honesty, the ride was not bad at all. Ryan kept his singing to a minimum.*

We made three different gas stops and one food stop at KFC, which could also be considered a "gas" stop. We drove into the mouth of horrific rain near St. Louis but I must say, the new Busch Stadium is beautiful. We wound through the cornfields of southern Illinous, the forests of Missouri and the plains of Oklahoma and here we are, in Oklahoma City.

Northwestern has now taken the lead 1-0 on an RBI hit-by-pitch by Kristin Amegin. Let's hope this score holds up. Stay tuned to the blog and for complete coverage of the 2006 Women's College World Series.


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