Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gettin' Some "Dap"

We've been talking about how many Softball pundits and "experts" didn't feel NU had a chance to go far in the CWS, well after wins over Alabama and Tenn people are staring to talk about the Wildcats.

We're sitting at Hall of Fame Stadium right now watching The Sun Devils vs. The Lady Vols in an elimination contest (Alabama and Oregon State have already been sent home), and I figured since I'm really waiting for the UCLA/Texas LOSERS BRACKET?? GAME (Osterman vs. Seldon..Oh my!) I may as well let you know what some of the "softball message boards" are saying about NU:

"Tammy's the real deal as I just happened to catch that NU game...did you see her backhand a ball from 3rd base and throw the runner out??? INCREDIBLE! I'm a believer"

"the purple cats are hot. The horrible umps couldn't stop them last night, Abbott couldn't stop them tonight"

"Northwestern is the real deal in every way - in softball and in academics. Great job, Cats!"

"I've joined the bandwagon. I'm rooting for the purple to win the WCWS.


Northwestern vs. UCLA/Texas Tomorrow at 2 PM CT, pregame at 1:40. Ray Garcia and Ryan Morton will have the call. Also, the team should be here to watch that UCLA/Texas game, so keep checking back for more audio.

Stay PHresh Wildcat Fans!

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