Saturday, May 26, 2007

An NU Dissection

Northwestern defeated Penn 12-2 yesterday in what was the single best performance from any lacrosse team that I have ever seen. And that from a team that essentially was not trying to score in the second half.

It is abundantly clear that the Wildcats are on a completely different level of lacrosse. This second half was almost entirely played with a running clock when Penn went down 10 goals. And it was the semi-finals. Penn was ranked second in the coaches' poll. A top tier team was demolished by the NU squad.

But the game that Guy and I called was nothing compared to UVA-Duke. The Blue Devils came out of the gates and blew UVA out of the water. At one point it was 13-4. But then, the Cavaliers made an unprecedented run. It was ten unanswered goals for the 'Hoos in one of the most exciting comebacks in tournament history.

Guy and I were debating how much momentum helps Virginia. In my opinion, the day off today is huge. The momentum of that tremendous run will dissipate today and the teams will be on equal footing come Sunday. And, given the monstrous disparity between NU and everyone else talent-wise, that bodes well for the Wildcats.

I am certainly predicting an NU win on Sunday. This team is too good for that not to happen. And I look forward to being on the air for my first NU championship.

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