Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greetings from Philly!

Hey folks,

Will and I arrived in Philadelphia earlier today and we're enjoying ourselves immensely. The process of getting here, however, was not a particularly fun process. About half of the US Airways ATM-style check in contraptions were out of order, leading to high levels of frustration among our fellow travelers. Two beleaguered airline employees were desperately trying to match up checked baggage tags with the proper passengers, and they did so by just shouting out names randomly. Someone was actually named "Adolf." That can't be a fun name to grow up with. One of the last names we heard shouted out was, "Vendetta? Do we have a Vendetta here?" I responded by musing aloud that they might have a few of those developing thanks to the terminal debacle, prompting a few chortles from people standing around us.

Of course I got the middle seat, which made the flight oh so comfortable..but Will and I passed the time by talking lacrosse and making borderline inappropriate jokes. The baggage claim process was mercifully painless, as was the car rental. I feel so old being able to rent a car! It took us an hour to get to the hotel thanks to a labyrinth of one way streets and an, um, somewhat inattentive co-pilot. Fortunately my good friend Sean Hannity was on the radio, allowing me to enjoy the drive.

This hotel is a palace. The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown is easily the nicest hotel I've stayed in on a WNUR Sports trip. The lobby is amazing, the gym/spa/pool is incredible (free Odwalla fruit drinks and lime-infused H20), and there is a button on the room phone that's called "at your service." The good people on the other end of that phone line assist guests with virtually anything, including ordering a delicious pizza that may or may not be arriving in about 10 minutes.

We are currently doing some game prep and watching Law & Order: SVU. We are stoked for the game tomorrow. Penn has gotten a lot better since the 'Cats dispensed of them back in March, illustrated by an eye-opening win over Maryland in the quarterfinals. They have won 13 straight games and will be playing at their home venue. We still predict an NU win. Check in throughout the final four for more lax insight and pointless (but hopefully amusing anecdotes) here on the grand old WNUR Sports blog.

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