Thursday, May 24, 2007

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Is Torture

Hello all,

Since being in Philadelphia, I have only had two options of ways to waste my time:

1) Listening to Guy's horrendous, immature and offensive jokes. Numerous WNUR staffers, present and former (Greg Bobak, I'm talking about you) would be outraged at the stories told. They are not suitable for this blog.

2) Watching television. Now, when Guy and I got to the luxurious Marriott, we were greeted by hilarity on the boob tube: the National Geography Bee. The guffaws were free-flowing at the awkward displays of emotion from these young people. Unfortunately, the champion made quick work of her competition and that was the end of that amusement.

The USA Network then promptly began a marathon of Criminal Intent. Guy and I are both huge Law & Order fans. But, and I think I speak on behalf of Guy, CI is atrocious. And when it is on for hours upon hours, it is torturous. So I am announcing my campaign to revoke the FCC license of any channel that airs this filth, especially at the expense of the other Law & Orders (the original and SVU) that actually are riveting television.


NUfan said...

This is the way you guys spend your time in the "palace" that is your hotel?

Ryan said...

Vincent D'Onofrio is supurb. Amazingly well acted. Guy may argue that he's terrible because he's a filthy liberal (excellent rationale) but he makes that show entertaining. For L&O purists, though, it's nothing like the original so I can see how you wouldn't like it.

Incidentally, next season, USA will be airing new episodes of CI instead of NBC.