Friday, May 25, 2007

Let the Good Times Keep on Rolling!

Hello NU Sports Enthusiasts!

As I'm making my much-anticipated return to the softball postseason broadcast booth tomorrow, I thought I'd join the discussion.

What a day! While close games are the ones you remember for ages, the blowouts are oh so relaxing. As predicted, South Carolina could not hit Eileen Canney. Since they have only three hitters batting over .232 and only 2 with more than 1 HR, it shouldn't be a shock.

The pleasant surprise was Northwestern's offense. South Carolina was able to upend the three higher seeds in their region by keeping them pinned down with great pitching. But they're not power-pitchers, which presents a problem. When you have runners on base and your fielders keep making mistakes (as was the case for the Gamecocks), you need someone who can keep the ball out of play. Strikeouts are essential. Hendon couldn't do it, and NU scored 4 crucial insurance runs.

The Wildcats are playing in their third straight Super Regionals. But for the first time in that span, they won on Friday. Saturday looks promising.

Follow that game with the most dominating defensive performance of the year for Northwestern lacrosse. The lowest goals allowed since a drubbing of Vanderbilt back at the beginning of the season. So Duke + two games against Penn still equals less goals allowed than NU averages PER game.

Here's how good it was. Not only was Penn shutout in the first half. Lathrop only had two saves. My partners in Philly can confirm this, but that stat tells me that Finch, Finochiarro, and the rest of the defense set up a brick wall around the fan. The Quakers didn't even put up a fight. What do you expect from pacifists.

Kyle Whitehead and I, your humble servant, on the call tomorrow. Let's play one!

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