Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday in Columbus

Hello, friends.

The most important thing that happened today was the Wildcats' 4-0 victory over MSU at Buckeye Field. As Kyle alluded to in his post, Eileen Canney was a pleasure to watch as she quickly dispensed of a baffled Spartan squad. The game was scoreless for the first 3 1/2 innings before sophomore catcher Erin Dyer went yard for 2 runs, and that proved to be all the 'Cats would need. A solid win. I must say that it was a less than solid turnout in terms of NU fans: I counted 14 in total. Granted, Columbus is a hike from Evanston (as we experienced yesterday), but I figured Northwestern might be able to draw at least one fan for each player on the roster. I guess I was wrong on that count.

Onward to the far less important details of our day in Columbus. Consider for a moment: What would an average group of college buddies do on a road trip? If the first thing that popped into your mind was a midday trip to the discount department store, Kohl''re right! Just after noon, Ray, Kyle and I gleefully skipped, arm-in-arm, into the Kohl's, and walked away with an assortment of socks, slacks, and shoes. This excursion was highlighted by a slightly awkward encounter between myself and a random middle-aged woman in a fitting room. The doors to the store's dressing rooms did not have locks on them, so this lady just waltzed right into my stall. Unfortunately for her, I was fully clothed.

After our decidedly un-masculine trip to Kohl's, we stopped by an classic WNUR Sports haunt: Applebees, where we sought to 'eat good in the neighborhood.' Ray and I both decided to continue with the wussie theme, ordering a soup/salad/sandwich combination, while Kyle opted for a turkey sandwich. When our beleaguered waiter delivered our plates, one meal was conspicuously missing--Kyle's sandwich. The waiter frantically explained that they had run out of turkey, and that they had just informed him of this, and that he was very very sorry...he ultimately made the following over-the-top, dramatic vow: "I'M GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!" (He then decisively comped Kyle's meal).

Later, after the softball game, we ventured to the aforementioned drive-thru liquor store and purchased a delicious two-pack of Miller Lite for the 21+ contingent of the road trip. In case you weren't aware, Miller Brewing is a proud sponsor of sports broadcasts on WNUR. They remind us to think when we drink, which is why I'm posting now rather than later on, after I've had my portion of the two-pack.

Dinner was next on the agenda, so we drove into downtown Columbus--the heart of Ohio's largest city. We settled on a chain Italian restaurant, Buca de Beppi (or something to that effect), and had our fill of delicious, previously-frozen cuisine. During the meal, the people at the table behind us had a long & loud discussion about the field of 2008 presidential candidates. The waiter even got involved. I battled every instinct in my being and stayed out of the fray. After waddling back to the Garciamobile, we headed back toward campus...and here we sit. Watching the Bulls blow a large lead with Ray complaining. I suppose it's his prerogative, though. You only turn 22 once.

A glorious match up of Big Ten softball rivals awaits us tomorrow--and I'm pleased to report that I shall make my triumphant return to the airwaves, having not called a pitch of softball in more than two years. I'm looking forward to it. NU/Michigan is always a battle, and tomorrow should be no exception. Until next time, Go 'Cats.

Today's phrase that pays is: "I'm going to do something about that!" or "The Scarlet and Red!"

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Zach said...

since WNUR Sports does not in any way condone underage drinking, I can only assume Kyle is safely watching from the confines of the vehicle in the parking lot.