Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"A MAN's Journey"

Earlier this afternoon, some talented & intrepid WNUR Sports broadcasters (and a current Sports Director) began an epic journey into the belly of the beast: Columbus, Ohio. We begin our coverage of the Big Ten softball tournament tomorrow afternoon.

Today's drive was relatively tranquil, with the exception of an unnecessarily hostile discussion about the merits of making up Big Ten softball games canceled due to bad weather. The current Big Ten policy (no make-ups) is the sole reason that we're here in Buckeyeland, rather than sleeping in our own fluffy beds back in Evanston. I could write a compelling case for changing this preposterous policy, but I've already won that argument once today--and being right does get exhausting after awhile.

The emotional anguish of a 7-hour drive was somewhat mitigated by a terrific iPod "road trip" playlist featuring an excellent blend of Billy Joel, classic rock, Big Ten fight songs, WNUR highlights, and some more Billy Joel. Ray's Mariachi music didn't go over quite as well.

We also managed to resist the urge to stop and tour the exclusive condominiums of "Williamsburg by the Lake" in podunk, Indiana. The complex's tiny/polluted-looking/man- made lake and its beautiful Interstate-side location made this community a tempting option for post-graduation residency. (Kyle could commute to NU).

Upon arriving at our generic-brand hotel, we almost immediately changed rooms for the reasons outlined by Ray in his previous post. Speaking of Ray, Feliz Cumpleanos, amigo! The big 2-2! We also noticed the *drive thru* liquor store across the street. We may investigate this unique place of business tomorrow after the game, but purely out of journalistic curiosity.

For dinner, we enjoyed a feast at the "Buckeye Grill," or something to that effect. (Incidentally, it seems to us like every business in this town has some connection to the awful Buckeyes. It's sickening.) Anyway, our waiter seemed to be hellbent on not allowing any glass of Pepsi to ever get even half empty, but overall he was attentive and helpful. After the meal, Ray and I taught young Kyle how to include a tip on a check paid on a charge card. This may benefit our colleague if/when he enters the dating fray.

Well, we wait with baited breath for this Big Ten tournament to get underway tomorrow. The broadcast should be a good one, despite my absence, so tune in! Also, be sure to read more about our exploits tomorrow evening, when we update this hallowed blog.

Finally, today's 'phrase that pays' is: "Get a grip."


Ryan said...

Question - How does that "road trip" playlist differ from the party playlist, going to sleep playlist, writing emails playlist, or making out playlist? Seems like it's all the same to me...terrible.

Zach said...

i really hope you guys don't make out to WNUR highlights. "better luck next time..."

Zach said...

i realize the ambiguity from "you guys ... make out" and i'm letting the readers decide.