Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good Evening from Columbus

The crew for the 2007 Softball Big Ten Tournament, Guy Benson, Kyle Whitehead and yours truly, has arrived in the mediocre state of Ohio. It was a long and sometimes contentious seven hour drive from Evanston but our friendship overcame all and we are now resting comfortably in the University Plaza Hotel. We have been here for roughly four hours and are already in our second room. This stems from our first room having an air conditioner that was "slowly dying" and making a noise reminding me of a Chili's dinner. And in 80 degree weather, this could cause a problem for two strapping young men and Kyle.

We are preparing for what should be an easy quarterfinal win for the Wildcats as they take on 7th seeded Michigan State tomorrow evening at 5pm ET/4pm CT. You can hear all the action on WNUR Sports 89.3 FM and online at Continue to check in with the WNUR Sports blog for continuous updates on our travels throughout the greater Columbus area. Until next time, take of yourself...and no one else.

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