Friday, May 13, 2005

Rain Delay Theatre

We are currently under rain delay here in Ann Arbor, but fear not, softball fans, as NU/Iowa is now estimated to start at approximately 7:00 PM CDT. This is an approximate time and may differ by over 15 minutes in either direction, so please bear with us as we endeavor to get back on the air.

In rain delay news, Ann Arbor was deluged by an intense thunderstorm which deposited pea-sized hail throughout the area and dropped over an inch of rain. In the mean time, everyone retreated into the Oosterbaan Fieldhouse to engage in games of football, frisbee, and wiffleball. Unfortunately, the WNUR wiffleball team was defeated 3-0 in a three inning game by a combined NNN/Daily Northwestern squad -- but this does *not* count in the standings for the Jay Tant Memorial Trophy.

Stay tuned here and to WNUR over the air for further updates on this situation -- we will be bringing every pitch live, whenever they may occur.

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