Monday, November 14, 2005

A Win is a Win...

It sure wasn't pretty, but it was a win. The Wildcats' 61-59 victory was bittersweet because they won a game that *shouldn't * have been close according to most Cats fans. But these are the 'Cats, after all, and it came down to the wire. A typically slow start resulted in a double-digit deficit in the first half, leading to heartburn for NU fans everywhere. Then at halftime coach Carmody must have had some choice words in the locker room because his team looked like a different squad in the second stanza. They scored 40 second-half points, led by (who else?) Vedran Vukusic, who poured in 25. The breaks and bounces went the Wildcats' way in the crucial final minute, and they were able to survive game one.

1-0. It's a heck of a lot better than 0-1, but this this team will need to play much much much better to beat Charlotte. Tomorrow's game will be a good test for NU.

We'll have the call on WNUR, of course!

Tune in at 6:30 CST for our pregame show--and the tip is slated for 7pm. Ray Garcia will cut his teeth in men's bball play by play, and I'll be on color. It should be a good time, so please join us tomorrow.

Kudos, by the way, to the Wildcat fans in attendance. They were pretty loud, and did a great job at recruiting some Wyoming fans to join our ranks in what they termed the "adopt-a-cat" program. They got a few 'Go U-NU!" chants going, and never lost the faith even when the team was really struggling.

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LansingCat on said...

What I saw tonight was a team learning to play at game speed and integrating lots on new players. I saw an amazing transformation as the 'Cats put things together on the court and things started to click.

I agree that Charlotte is a challenge. I watched their game tonight, and they looked to be in mid-season form. Watch out for number 3 - a big senior power forward named Withers, and number 15 De'Angelo Alexander - a big guard (6'5") with an incredible vertical leap. I hope that Mo Hachad can close him down tomorrow.

Thanks for mentioning the "Adopt a 'Cat" program - the Wyoming POKES fans were welcoming, and nice, and fun to hang out with. Good fans and good sports. We even got some POKES to wear the foam Head or Purple Wig and help us lead cheers during the time outs. Thanks POKES!